There seems to be a lot of talk floating around that “news releases are dead” and “PR doesn’t matter anymore.”  Let’s be clear – that’s ridiculous.  In fact, the importance of effective communications has never been more critical.

Smart C-Suite execs know the power of effective communications – through traditional AND social channels.  Suffice to say neither is mutually exclusive.  Nor should they be. Together, traditional media and social media outreach are a powerful combination – quite possibly the most powerful form of communication in history.  Both have their strengths and weaknesses.  Both have shared audiences.  Both have disjointed audiences.  There’s no “perfect fit” for either form of communication in terms of reaching everyone, every time.That’s the reason PR matters. PR professionals, good ones, anyway, know how to effectively communicate across all channels. They know how to craft key messages that will shape perception and move your target audience in the direction you need to succeed.

It takes a team of experts to craft the most effective communications campaigns.  You need traditional media specialists, social media specialists, cultural affairs specialists, strategic marketing specialists, lifestyle experts, research professionals and crisis communications experts, and local “feet on the street” professionals to develop the best communications campaigns in the business.  But at what cost?

Unified Strategies Public Relations Network has the solution.  Our team of in-house experts and nationwide Member Agencies provide clients high-quality expertise for ALL your communications needs – without breaking their bank account!

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