We are a national network of communications professionals that can design, implement and manage national branding, messaging, product launches and initiatives. And today, we begin to tell our story, promote our members and advertise our national network on national platforms.

We believe we have a great story to tell. And great members to promote.

Co-founder Bob Schiers and I have worked together for more than a decade on regional and national projects, product rollouts and various marketing campaigns, including many for Fortune 500 companies. We know from first-hand experience that one thing clients love besides hard work and results is deep knowledge of local markets and media. 

We’ve got that covered. Our members know how to work with local vendors, local franchisees, local nonprofit offices, and local media of all types. They are local and regional experts who are eager to grow and to help clients grow. Moreover, they have a lot of experience with national initiatives. 

Bob and I often had talked about the possibility of finding successful communications pros with a similar mindset, who would see our platform as a way to expand their reach and seek regional and national clients as, together, we promote our collective work nationally. 

We knew we’d have to be smart about our approach and that we all would have to be trusting of each other. In other words, we’d have to be unified, strategic and able to cover all parts of the United States. Thus, our name Unified Strategies Public Relations – USPR.

Finding great people to build this new team has been wonderful experience, both personally and professionally. We are so honored that so many top-notch, experienced strategists and communicators have decided to join. We are a women-owned network, but everyone involved is truly inspiring. We look at our roster and sometimes we can’t quite believe it.

We have strategic communicators and marketing specialists with experience in nearly every sector: Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Technology, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate/Development, Healthcare, Retail, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Trade Unions, Non-Profits & Charitable Groups, Public Sector and Financial Services.

To bolster our already stellar group, we decided to add a team of experts to help advise our larger efforts with specialized knowledge in fields that include crisis communications, diversity management and community relations, social media, government and political communications, Hispanic media and culture, research and social analytics, media relations, advertising and media buying and so much more.

Companies that work with USPR know they can depend on a deeply rooted knowledge of towns, cities, regions and the distinctive atmospheres and cultures of each. They will know, too, that we have the ability to design a national campaign as a national network, implement that plan and manage it locally with local experts.

Working with individual clients, USPR can design national and regional initiatives to suit nearly any need. But companies also can work directly with a single member, if they wish. We can scale up for regional and national clients. And we can scale down for local campaigns. But one thing will never change, we’ll always aim high. And we’ll never lose sight of a client’s bottom line.

We’re still growing, adding members, expertise and reach. But we’ve got a great team and we are off to a great start.

One last thing: We pledge to treat our members as valued colleagues and our clients as we would want to be treated as customers ourselves.