It seems like news is breaking faster at Twitter than Twitter can Tweet.  At least that seems to be the case as tech writers, users and fans of the messaging software seem to have beaten Twitter at its own game by announcing this past Thursday that Twitter is doing away with it’s 140-character limit for direct messages before the tech giant had a chance to roll out a formal announcement.

So not to confuse, the 140-character limit for public tweets remains firm, with no sign of change on the horizon.

Techsperts say the latest change will enable Twitter to compete more effectively against the ever-growing list of popular messaging apps on the market.  Twitter announced earlier this year that it would support group messaging for up to 20 users, while also allowing users to opt in to receiving DMs from other Twitter users.  Prior to that change, DMs could only be shared between two people who already followed each other.

The San Francisco-based firm has had more than its share of big news lately with CEO Dick Costolo recently announcing he will step down on July 1.  Talk on the street has it that investors are frustrated with the company’s perceived inability to grow its user base more rapidly.  Kind of an ironic twist given the purpose of Twitter is speed and efficiency.  But investors have a voracious appetite for profit and all was not going well for Costolo so he’s exiting quicker than you can Tweet, “Gone!”  

Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder will take charge in the interim as the board searches for a replacement.

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