It’s the night before Christmas

And I must confess,

My office is worse than its usual mess.

The desk piled high with all sorts of junk

Files, papers, pens and some unidentified gunk. 

My job is creative yet that’s no excuse

For the piles of work that reach to the roof.  

Plus Christmas is here! There’s so much to do

Decorating and singing a carol or two.

Who are these clients that want work done this week?

Will they even read email, or must I send Tweets? 

So I ponder and think, and work up a sweat

Doing what most creative’s do best

Putting off till tomorrow what I could do right away

The deadline can wait just one more day!

Besides, my best work is done under stress

That’s it! I’ll wait till tomorrow when I’m fresh  

So I’m off to the mall to visit the Claus

Knowing the shoe racks may cause me to pause

The hustle, the bustle, the music, the fun!

It’s hard to go home when the shopping is done.

I drive past the houses with twinkling lights

Remembering mine is as dark as the night.

And that’s when the all-night decorating begins

Including trees, lights and inflatable snowmen.

I crawl into bed as the sun starts to rise;

Oh no - I forgot my deadline!  I cry.

Back to the desk to write something witty.

Can I come up with something more than a ditty?

Will my clients see the humor here, I pray?

It’s Christmas, after all; not just any ol’ day.

Yet the show must go on, the release goes to press,

Despite that my work resembles a mess.

I’m trying to maintain some sort of humor

Happy Holidays to all from a creative Baby Boomer!